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BSA Website
Link to the British Sociological Association website
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MedSoc at the BSA
Link to the MedSoc page on the BSA website
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Cost of Living Blog
Link to the BSA sponsored blog for people interested in the politics, economics and sociology of health and health care.
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Link to the journal Sociology
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Work Employment & Society
Link to the journal Work Employment & Society
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Sociology of Health & Illness
Link to the journal Sociology of Health & Illness
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Link to the Medsocnews List
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Medical Sociology Guide
Link to a site of information and resources for academic & professional research in medical sociology and medical anthropology
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The International Sociological Association
The ISA is a non-profit association for scientific purposes. Its function is to represent sociologists everywhere, regardless of their school of thought, scientific approaches or ideological opinion.
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Social Science & Medicine
Link to the journal Social Science & Medicine
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Health Sociology Review
Link to the journal Health Sociology Review
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European Society for Health and Medical Sociology
Link to the journal ESHMS
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Social Theory & Health
Link to the journal Social Theory & Health
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