Poster Presentations made at the BSA MedSoc Conference 2013,
University of York, 11th - 13th September 2013

Posters are presented here as they were listed in the Conference Programme (available at the foot of the page), namely in alphabetical order by first named author.
Please note that not all presenters have chosen to submit their work for publication here.

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Primary Care Consultations, Work and Musculoskeletal Problems: A Qualitative Study
Alcock, E., Sanders, T., Wynne-Jones, G., Ong, B.N.
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Intrathecal Baclofen: A Personal Experience of Medical Technological
Advances and the Politics of Health Care Provision
Baddeley, A.
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Left Hanging in Midair: Patients Experiencing Complex Return Journeys from Hospital
Barstad, J., Osdal, S.R., Osdal, S., Stokken, R.
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Living Without a Diagnosis: Formations of Pre-diagnostic Identity in the Lives of AS People Diagnosed in Adulthood
Bracher, M.
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Unaccompanied Dying: Examining the Case for Further Research
Caswell, G.
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How Potentially Serious Symptom Changes are Talked About and Managed in COPD Clinical Review Consultations: A Micro-analysis
Chatwin, J., Sanders, C., Povey, A., Firth, A., Kennedy, A., Rogers, A.
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'I'm Doing Something to Delight our Community': Migrant Families, Food,
Allotments and Wellbeing
Foster, S., Gerodetti, N.
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A Question of Communication: Does Chronic Illness Cause Muteness in
Gray, C.
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eHealth: A Health Information Seeking Tool for African and Chinese Populations
Henderson, K.
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Ante-Natal Care Practices and Use of Malaria Preventions Among Pregnant Women in Enugu Urban, South-Eastern Nigeria
Idemili-Aronu, Ngozi., Oyeneho, N.
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Pakistani Women in the UK, Use of Mental Health Services & the Nature of Social Networks: A Mixed-methods Systematic Review
Kapadia, D.
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The Utilization of the Internet Survey in Examining Sensitive Topics with MSM
Kavanagh, B.
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An Exploration of Experiences of Care in Pregnancies Affected by a Severe
Congenital Anomaly
Lotto, R., Armstrong, N., Smith, L., Draper, E.
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Stigma, Family Carers and Social Isolation in Mental Health
Mason, G.
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Experiences and Constructions of Fatherhood Amongst Socially Disadvantaged Fathers in Glasgow: A Doctoral Study Nested in the NIHR Funded THRIVE trial of Early Years Parenting Programmes
Maxwell, K., Buston, K., Wight, D.
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Association Between Insomnia and Socioeconomic Status in Disaster Area
After the Great East Japan Earthquake
Misawa, J.
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Son Preference in Nigeria: The Human Rights Implications
Oluduro, O.
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Exploring the 'Triangle of Care' in Relation to Suicidal Individuals: A Qualitative Study
Owens, C., Benson, O., Gibson, S., Boden Z., Owens, C.
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Acknowledging and Responding to Dementia in the Family and Social Network
Perry, L., Owens, C., Owen, G.
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“Seeing a need” to take preventative pills: two different kinds of information that influence decisions
Polak, L.
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Improving Patient Safety in a Local Hospital Setting
Royset, B., Barstad, J.
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Influences of Pharmaceutical Companies on Medication Prescribing:
Perceptions of Physicians and General Practicioners
Salmane-Kulikovska, I., Mezinska, S.
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The Significance of Lung Cancer Risk Perceptions Among Individuals Quitting
Smoking: A Mixed-method Study
Sherratt, F., Robinson, J., Field, J. K.
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Plant Foods and Public Health: Is it Time for a Vegan Public Health Initiative?
Stewart, K., Cole, M.
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The Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Use of Health Care Services and
Pharmaceuticals: Helsinki 2006–201
Vaalavuo, M.
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Autism Healthcare Transition Plan
Watson, R., De Bono, J., Gupta, V., Le Couteur, A.
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The TARA Project: Homeless Women, Identifying and Addressing Complex
Williamson, E., Abrahams, H., Cameron, A., Henry, L., Morgan, K.
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Navigating the Australian Health Care Maze: Implications for Empirical Research and Policy
Willis, K., Harley, K., Short, S., Collyer, F., Calnan, M., Gabe, J., Franklin, M., Lewis, S.
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An Exploration of the Labour of Formal Care Workers in the U.K for the Elderly
in Institutional Settings
Wolton, J.
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The Impact of Migration on Managing a Long-term Condition: a Qualitative
Review and Synthesis of Existing Research
Wood, N., Sanders, C., Vassilev, I.

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