Message for colleagues teaching medical sociology to Sociology BA students in the UK

Dear Colleagues

I am working with two undergraduate students during the summer vacation this year, who have obtained a small amount of funds for some development work related to medical sociology teaching. As part of the schedule of work, we would like to compile a summary overview of modules/courses on medical sociology currently being taught to Sociology undergraduates in the UK. In particular, we are interested in the extent to which different topics, and different theoretical perspectives, are utilised in modules that focus on sociology of health and illness.
I undertook a similar review about 6 years ago, but I worked mainly from information that was freely available on the web, which meant that the overview was quite limited and certainly very partial. This time, I wanted to ask colleagues with an interest in medical sociology teaching in the UK, and who lead a module/course on health and sociology (on a Sociology programme), to consider sending me a copy of your module/unit handbook.

It would be wonderful if you felt able to help out in this way, and of course, I would be very happy to share the results of the review with anyone who wishes to take part in it, if it is of any interest to you in thinking about your teaching (I'm hoping I'm  not the only one who finds this sort of stuff interesting...)

With best wishes

Ruth Graham
Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Newcastle University

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