British Academy Conference: Modelling for Policy, May 2012, London

British Academy Conference: Modelling  for Policy
17-18 May 2012, London

How well models and computational techniques produce evidence to predict and manage infectious disease risks? This conference discusses what kinds of tools models and computational techniques are when used within public health policy-making processes. By contributions from epidemiology, climate research, risk governance and economics, we will engage in a dialogue on the benefits and limitations of modelling methods across research and policy.

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Convenors: Dr Erika Mansnerus and Professor Tony Barnett,
LSE Health London School of Economics

Dr Erika Mansnerus
British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
LSE Health and Social Care
London School of Economics and Political Science

Visiting Research Fellow
Department of Social Science, Health and Medicine
King's College London

Modelling for Policy: British Academy Conference 17-18 May 2012
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