London Med Soc Group meeting - March 12th

You are invited to the first meeting in 2014 of the BSA London Medical Sociology Group. This will take place on Wednesday 12th March 6.00 - 7.30 at our usual venue: Room 1.16, Franklin Wilkins Building, Kings College London. The topic will be: 


There will be two speakers: LESLEY DOYAL and CHARLOTTE WOODHEAD (see their abstracts below), and there will be plenty of time to discuss the isssues they raise during the meeting and informally afterwards. 

Looking forward to seeing you, Heidi Lempp Tel: 0207 848 5604 

LESLEY DOYAL (University of Bristol) 

Making heterosexual men visible in the HIV pandemic 

'Straight' men are often blamed for the spread of the pandemic but paradoxically we know relatively little about the links between masculinities and HIV transmission. Few empirical studies have explored the sexual activities of men who identify as heterosexual and the ways in which they are linked to wider aspects of their lives. Moreover most HIV policies are designed to meet the needs of partners rather than those of men themselves. This presentation will begin by exploring the conceptual and methodological challenges in filling these gaps in our knowledge of heterosexual men and the pandemic. It will then outline what we do now about this group and explore the ways in which these patterns have been explained. The final section will identify some of the problems with this current analysis and spell out a new agenda for research and policy making. 

CHARLOTTE WOODHEAD (Kings College London) 

The mental health and well-being of women in the UK Armed Forces 

Little is known about the mental health of women in the UK Armed Forces, their relatively small number often leading to their exclusion in epidemiological studies. Further, much work in the UK has focussed narrowly on examining the impact the presence of women in this arena on the efficacy of combat operations. The aims of my study were to a) estimate the prevalence of specific psychological outcomes among female UK military personnel, b) examine their association with work, family, and interpersonal relationship stressors and protective factors, and c) explore stressors in these domains and their perceived relationship to health among serving and ex-serving women. 

Using the stress process model, a mixed methods approach was integrated qualitative and quantitative approaches. Sources of stress from three main domains were explored: deployment, parenthood, and integration. While no statistical impact of deployment or parenthood on health was found overall, the interviews identified a broad array of stressors, protective factors, and outcomes. Interpersonal factors affecting well-being and career intentions among women were especially important. 

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