Medical sociology under threat

Clive Seale, holder of the ‘Sir Michael Perrin Chair of Medical Sociology’ at Barts and the London (the school of medicine located within Queen Mary, University of London, in the heart of London’s East End) and editor of Sociology of Health and Illness has been told that his post is ‘at risk’ in a review of medical school staff, part of an exercise to save the medical school £3 million by means of a compulsory redundancy programme.

Medical sociologists have fought long and hard to establish the place of the discipline in medical schools and this location for a medical sociologist is particularly important given the severe social conditions in this part of London, which lead to a great deal of ill health and poor access to health care, which medical sociology and Clive Seale’s research programme address. This move threatens to end the future of medical sociology as a research discipline here, as the chair will not be filled if he leaves.

How you can help:

There is a very good chance that this decision can be overturned if the decision-makers in the review can be informed of the broader significance of withdrawing funding for this post. Your support will count. But the timescale on this is tight, so this needs to be done as soon as possible – before March 16th ideally.

Please write to or email (preferably all in one email):

Professor Richard Trembath (Warden of the School)
Professor Mike Curtis (Blizard Institute Director)
Professor Simon Gaskell (Principal of Queen Mary’s)

Please say why you think sociology is an important discipline to have as a research discipline (not just a teaching discipline) in a medical school.

If you can send a copy of what you have written to Clive Seale ( that will be very helpful. Feel free to forward this message to those who may be able to help.

Clive Seale
Sir Michael Perrin Professor of Medical Sociology
Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry
Queen Mary, University of London
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