Final call for abstracts - 4th Primary care ethics conference: Ethics education and lifelong learning

Following last year's successful RSM Primary Care Ethics Conference on "The ordinary and the extraordinary", we are pleased to announce the 2014 conference, "Primary care ethics: ethics education and lifelong learning" on Wednesday 30 April 2014 at the Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole St, London. 


This whole-day conference will have (as its main theme) the education of the primary healthcare workforce for ethics. What aspects of ethics require education, and how can these aspects impact on the quality of patient-care? Who makes ethical decisions and what kinds of skills do they need? These and many more issues will be discussed at a conference that aims to bring together academics, educators and practitioners for the purpose of shared insight and learning. 

As part of the conference, "Primary care ethics: ethics education and lifelong learning", there will be a session at which participants can present their work and ideas in the form of a poster presentation. Posters may deal with any issues within the field of primary care ethics. They may focus on clinical practice, on teaching and personal development, or on research (empirical or philosophical) within this field. Posters focussing on the main theme of the day, ethics education and lifelong learning, are particularly welcome. 

Poster abstracts should be no more than 500 words and should include the title of the poster, the names of presenting and other authors, and their professional role and affiliation. They do not have to follow the traditional format of introduction, method, results, conclusions, but should make clear the issue or issues which will considered, the approach to be taken, and the conclusions drawn from its study. Abstracts will be reviewed by members of the conference organising committee. Abstracts accepted for posters will be notified by email by Friday March 14 2014 (WE ARE CONSIDERING LATE SUBMISSIONS). 

Posters should be A1 in size and should ideally be printed. Poster presenters must be available on Wednesday 30 April 2014 and are asked to ensure that their posters are in place as early as possible AND DEFINITELY NO LATER THAN 12.30pm. Presenters are asked to be near their poster to be able discuss their poster with participants for at least half of the lunchtime period. 

For an abstract submission form, please email

Bursary funding has been applied for to cover the delegate fee of students and medical trainees. This will be offered to those whose abstracts are accepted on a first come/served basis according to the date of an accepted submission. 


"My Role Model" 

We also invite medical students and medical trainees to submit abstracts for an oral presentation entitled, "My role model." This should be an account of a real person whom you view as a role model. Whilst we appreciate that there are many good reasons why it may not be practical for you to seek consent from the person in question we would encourage that consent or assent is sought. Accounts must be suitably anonymised, please do not use the person's name or identify their place of work by name, unless the details that you provide are already a matter of public historical record. Only one account for students and one for trainees will be selected for an oral presentation. 

Presenters will be invited to attend the conference free of charge. We would like to publish all submissions that meet minimum criteria in the conference abstracts book. However, only those giving oral presentations will receive funded places. 

For an abstract submission form, please email

Please make sure that you are able to attend the conference at the time of submission. 

Registration, tea and coffee 

Dr Edin Lakasing, President, General Practice with Primary Health Care Section 
Chair: Dr Andrew Papanikitas, President, Open Section 

Professor WG Irwin and the history of medical education: From general practice to medical ethics 
Dr Nathan Emmerich 

An overview of ethics education in general practice 
Dr John Gillies 

Discussion: Ethics and primary care curricula 

Tea and coffee break 
An opportunity to view posters 


1. Inside the RCGP Ethics Committee: What ethics education and support is needed? 
Dr Dennis Cox 
Chair: Dr Andrew Papanikitas 

2. The assessment of ethics education 
Dr Kim Stillman 
Chair: Dr Peter Toon 

3. Having fun with ethics education: A show and tell 
Dr John Gillies 
Chair: Dr Rhona Knight, 

4. The humanities of primary care ethics education 
Dr John Spicer 
Chair: Dr Paquita de Zulueta 

An opportunity to view posters 
Chair: Dr Peter Toon 

Conceptions of fatherhood - how can interdisciplinary research inform ethics education? 
Dr Jonathan Ives 


Student presentation (TBC) 

Trainee presentation (TBC) 

Discussion: Qualities of my role model 

Role models and ethics education, a virtues approach 
Dr Paquita de Zulueta 

Completion of evaluation forms 

Close of session and vote of thanks 
Dr Andrew Papanikitas 

Tea and coffee break and registration for those attending the evening lecture only 

Healthcare knowledge transfer: The power of film in healthcare communications 
Mr Marcus Dillistone 


Completion of evaluation forms 

Close of meeting 

Optional dinner 
For pre-registered delegates only 

Meeting ref: GPE06 

CPD: 6 credit 

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