call for abstracts, special issue 'Mobilising health: personnel, place, technology, knowledge.'

Mobilising health: personnel, place, technology, knowledge.

Call for paper abstracts for consideration for a special issue of ‘Ethnicity & Health’

Edited by H.Bradby, C.Allen, M.Frenz, S.Snow.

Deadline for submission of abstracts (400 word maximum): 31st October 2013.

Brief description

This special issue will address policies, processes and outcomes that involve mobility (regional, national, bilateral, global) and healthcare. The editors welcome papers that discuss interactions with the history and profession of medicine, labour relations, and international inequalities, and critical engagement with medical migration that gets beyond immediate issues of securing staffing levels for national medical facilities to include consideration of the gains (not just the losses) that can accrue to
developing countries from migration, especially how diasporas can magnify the resources (human and otherwise) in their countries of origin, through health work. Such advantage may be by means of remittances, investment, human capital transfer, philanthropy and medical tourism, with flows of
expertise being potentially multiple, multi-directional and temporary, virtual and/or in person.

Analyses of historical, policy, clinical, anthropological and sociological material that interrogate the contested concepts of health, ethnic difference and group identity in terms of global migration around
healthcare are of interest. We welcome abstracts proposing papers from social and public health sciences, anthropology, literary criticism, human resources management, development studies, history, theology and economics as part of a critical multidisciplinary approach to the study of health mobilities, broadly conceived.

To be considered for this special issue, send an abstract (max 400 words) of a paper by 31st October 2013.  Please put ‘Special Issue’ in the subject line. The issue is due for publication in 2016.

Author guidelines for the journal ‘Ethnicity and Health’ apply.

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