MICRA Seminar: Ageing, nutrition and health

MICRA Seminar: Ageing, nutrition and health

From MICRA and Food@Manchester

2.00pm-4.00pm, Free networking lunch from 1.00pm

G306B, Jean McFarlane Building, the University of Manchester M13 9PL

Professor John Mclaughlin, Institute of Inflammation and Repair, University of Manchester
Dr Mike Stroud, Senior Lecturer in Medicine and Nutrition, Southampton University
Kristine Farrer, Consultant Dietician, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust
Chair: Dr Neil Pendleton (Geriatric Medicine, University of Manchester)

How should the health community reduce the risks and consequences of malnutrition of the older patient cohort?

Recent years news reports have highlighted a professional and public concern about how the malnutrition of older adults has contributed to poor health outcomes. The speakers will consider; how much we understand about effects of poor nutrition on health and recovery of older patients; what standards should we expect in those who care for vulnerable older adults; and what innovations are there in improving management of malnutrition in the elderly.

Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing Website: http://www.micra.manchester.ac.uk/

For more information, email micra@manchester.ac.uk
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