British Academy Conference: Modelling for Policy, 17-18 May 2012

What kind of tools are mathematical models and simulations? How do we use them in controlling infectious risks? How well they are at work in climate research? What are the philosophical problems of modelling risks and uncertainties?

Forthcoming conference Modelling for Policy addresses the timely questions of how computational techniques help generate evidence to
predict and govern infectious risks. Using models as evidence for policies is of increasing importance. When vaccination strategies are
reformed or predictive scenarios of a pandemic outbreak are needed, modelling and simulation techniques are in use.

The conference brings together experts from epidemiology,  climate policy, risk governance and public health history to provide insights
about how computational techniques have proven useful in other fields and what kinds of restrictions they have encountered. A special focus will be on how best to communicate the nature of model-based evidence across expert communities and between experts and their audiences in government, the media and the wider public.

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