BSA Medical Sociology Group 43rd Annual Conference 2011

The BSA Medical Sociology Group Annual Conference is always an essential networking event for Medical Sociology academics and professionals. The group celebrates its 43rd Anniversary conference in 2011 and interest in the field of Medical Sociology continues to increase. The conference will take place at the University of Chester, from 14–16 September 2011.

The conference programme includes research papers from all areas of study within the field of medicine, health and illness. High profile plenary speakers have been selected for the 2011 conference:
  • Professor Rose Barbour (Open University)
  • Professor Alan Petersen (Monash University Australia)
We are delighted to have attracted such visionary and engaging plenary speakers.

With a broad and varied programme including symposia, poster presentations and social events we hope to continue to host the leading UK event for medical sociologists.

Who should attend?
Delegates attending the BSA Medical Sociology Group Annual Conference include Sociology and Medicine academics, and in addition to these, the conference always attracts health professionals such as, nurses, doctors, medical social workers and community health workers and postgraduates from across both the UK and internationally.

It provides a rare opportunity for publishers with titles in health and illness to bring lists to the attention of important sections of the target community. We welcome a wide range of books in the sociology of health and illness, politics of health care and health policy, women’s health, health and ethnicity, reproduction, prevention, health education and promotion, disability, genetics, ageing, the social history of medicine and specific health problems such as HIV/AIDS.

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