Seeking EU research collaborators: Youth sexuality and gender identity and emotional wellbeing

Call for collaborators for European funding application

Research areas: youth self-harm; sexuality & gender identities; qualitative / mixed methods; emotional distress and wellbeing in contexts of school, health and social care, family, and on-line

We are based in Norway and the UK and would like  to collaborate with colleagues from other European countries.
If you would be interested in collaborating in research addressing these topic areas, please read on

Developing a new research funding application:
We will soon start developing a new research funding application and we would like to invite European partners to join us. The specific focus and scope of the research will be decided in collaboration with partners. We are currently exploring a variety of funding sources, such as the European Research Council: . We are particularly interested in exploring research questions in the following areas:

- LGBTIQ youth and emotional wellbeing
- Self-harm, suicidality, emotional and embodied distress 
- Intersectional identities, including class, cultural, and youth identities
- Sexuality, gender identity, and sexed embodiment
- Health and social services, tailoring services to minority youth, promoting emotional wellbeing
- Educational contexts, school bullying, how schools can promote wellbeing for minoritised youth
- Language and discourse, sense-making processes, the availability of discursive resources through which youth
negotiate (marginalized, stigmatized, shamed, and proud, resilient) identities

About our collaboration:

We have a track record of getting research funding, carrying out research, and academic publishing in these topic areas. We have been working together for more than 8 years. For our publications, please see our websites with our contact details below.

How to contact us:

Elizabeth McDermott
Senior Lecturer in Health Research
Faculty of Health and Medicine, 
Lancaster University, UK

Katrina Roen
Professor in Societal Psychology, Department of Psychology, University of Oslo, Norway.

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